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Ultra ProteK Clear

Ultra ProteK Clear

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✔ Never fades or changes color
✔ Nano Ceramic, metal-free construction
✔ Reduced glare & excellent optical clarity
✔ Great performance in heat rejection
✔ 7 year warranty

Introducing CONCO's Ultra Protek Clear, an advanced solution for safeguarding your car's paint with unparalleled protection.

Crafted with precision, our urethane film boasts a lustrous, transparent finish, fortified by a high-performance adhesive for steadfast adherence over time.

Rest easy knowing CONCO's Paint Protection Film (PPF) not only shields factory paints but also resists peeling, cracking, yellowing, and blistering, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Think of it as your car's stealthy shield, tailored for high-impact areas like the hood, bumpers, fenders, rocker panels, side mirrors, and door interiors.

Remember, apply our PPF exclusively to vehicles with factory paint for optimal results.

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Product Thickness Avg. 185 ± 4 Thickness gauge (PEACOCK G-7C)
Adhesive Strength gf/inch 712.87 ASTM D 3330
Water Contact Angle ° 105 ASTM D5946
UVR % 97.3 UV METER (LS-182)
VLT % 85.3 Transmission Meter (LS-162)
Haze % 25.70 Haze Meter (NDH5000)
Tensile Strength Kgf/㎟ 0.424 ASTM 882
Elongation (TD/MD) % (487.03/438.90) ASTM 882
Stone Chip Resistance-Stone - No Effect Found Gravelometer chip impact testing
Stain Resistance, Water & soap
spotting, Acid rain, acidic materials
(bird feces, berries) acetone, etc
Rest for 40~1hr,
check after 24hr
No Effect Found CONCO’s Proprietary Method